MSRM President’s Welcome Letter

Dear friends and colleagues , professionals in the field of reproductive medicine,

As the MSRM President , I started is great honor for me but also demanding task, having in mind magnificent history of our region.. Gathered around Mediterranean see, our countries were cradle of culture as well as medicine; delivering great minds still lightning in centuries of history like aberriez , Avicennes , Hippocrates, Soranos, Galen and many others. Knowing their great achievement, it is important to fulfill duties in front of me and all of you. There are many different things among us, like environment, religion, social factors, but even more in common starting from south temperament, interaction with other peoples, sharing similar troubles, rich in expression of feelings, but not in finances.

Reproductive medicine is filed with great innovation and growth and we are obliged to share knowledge with our colleagues and youths, increasing education, training and research possibilities for all. MSRM society structure with special interest groups (SIG’s) provide place for different field of interest, our reginal and meetings keep up our members informed about latest development in reproductive medicine.

Visibility of society grows and this year we are organizers of pre – congress course 25th-28th June at ESHRE Annual meeting in Copenhagen. MSRM Annual meeting will be in Greece, on November 2023, and several regional meetings in different countries, with one in Mostar (Bosnia) . We are ready to provide better connection between colleagues in order to increase training possibilities, better education and cooperation in research. Program Diploma in ART is in development and we hope to provide it soon to colleagues.

These next 2 years we also have many projects on the pipe as a handbook in infertility wich can be a reference for all students and young doctors interested in the field of ART.

A renewal of our website with more interactivity and podcasts that can be used for continued medical education and more …

We are open for your suggestion and demands, try to be productive and helpful one to another; together we always can achieve more. Let’s do it.

Pr Md Omar Sefrioui

Chairman of MSRM 2020-2024