MSRM President’s Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am very pleased and greatly honored to assume the presidency of the MSRM.

The Society is dedicated to the study of all aspects reproductive medicine including the promotion of science and research in all aspects of reproductive medicine. It also blends different cultural,ethnic and religious groups that inhabit the Mediterranean Region.

I am prepared to put all my effort to increase the visibility and standing of our Society during my mandate. I also look forward to the support and contribution of the members the Executive Committee and the officers of MSRM. I trust the members of the society will do the same by communicating their expectations and giving us the necessary feed back when the going is good and not so good.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to those who preceded me in office for their contribution in bringing our Society to its present standing.

The following would be my goals in order to increase the visibility and to further the standing of our Society:

To make the country representative and special interest groups positions a more active organs to support the activities of the Society; and to establish prompt communication with Executive Board .

To increase membership will be one of our primary goals . We will attract as members, both leading figures and promising young colleagues in our profession and will work hard to introduce the MSRM to all colleaques interested in reproductive medicine in particular country and/or region.

To activate the special interest groups: Addition to SIGs on Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Embryology, Reproductive Surgery, we will set up two additional SIGs on Andrology and Fertility Preservation.This will attract additional members to the Society. SIGs will support the educational activities extensively

To increase workshops, regional meetings and congresses offered especially in countries that will benefit more from this educational effort

To improve our relations and increase collaboration with some of the leading societies such as ESHRE, ASRM, IFFS, MEFS,ASPIRE,ISFP, and ISPGS and attempt to organize collaborative educational and training activities with these institutions.

To create committees, that will improve the functioning of our society. We will organize multicenter studies , certification programs and data collection system, collaboration with some other bodies such as EIM and ICMART, if it is possible.

To have a very well designed and active Web Page to support all of our actiivities and able to make MSRM more visible. To use social media and the Internet in order to better promote our Society and increase the communication between our members

We are now working on our Annual Congress to be held in at Heraklion,Crete in 2018, We will organize some important and very well crafted local/regional workshops and symposia in next 2 years . You will all be kept up to date on the latest developments regarding those important events. Please send me your personal suggestions and ideas; we look forward to them to enrich our future strategic plans.

We will be reaching out to you, our valued members, to ask for your support and assistance, to ensure that we have a Society dedicated to reproductive medicine , a Society that that brings together the various disciplines that this field encompasses: scientists, clinicians, embryologists, geneticists, psychologists, nurses and other auxiliary and support personnel.

Thank you once again for electing me President of your Society, you can expect to hear from me on an ongoing basis, as communication and transparency are essential.

Prof.Timur Gürgan MD
President, MSRM