MSRM President’s Newsletter | May June 2015
January 27, 2017
Reports of the last workshops – Tel Aviv, Israel
January 27, 2017

The Chairman

Dr Antoine Watrelot

Dear MSRM members

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce our new MSRM newsletter.
Our society is growing rapidly and it seems important to have a media to communicate.
In this winter edition you will find the programs of the workshops organized by MSRM during 2010.
Several changes have occurred in the recent past:

We have now a central office located in Florence (Italy) hosted by our treasurer Prof. Pieraldo Inaudi. Laura Lombardini is now appointed as the MSRM secretary and you may refer to her for any problem concerning the society, your affiliation etc..
The Board has also decided to have the International MSRM meeting every two years and in between several workshops will be organized in various country in order to increase the image of our society: it is the case for 2010.
We are now affiliated to RBMOnline, which become the official journal of the society. You will see that the membership fees of the society will cover the online edition . We think that this opportunity will add a great value to the quality of MSRM members.

So our society is very active, this Newsletter is your News letter and all contribution will be appreciated (short communication, comments, letter to the editor etc..)
We are waiting for your comments and hoping to see you soon in the MSRM events of 2010